JRP steel And Wire Ltd. Began operations in 2002 and is incorporated as Limited liability Company under laws of Malawi. Since incorporation JRP Steel And Wire Ltd. Has established itself in the domestic market as a key provider of high quality products.

Over the years JRP has grown to manufacture of brick force and Wire nails and increasing its target market base to Private Companies, Construction companies, Tea & Coffee Estates, NGO’s, Government and local retailers. All the Raw materials stocked by JRP are imported directly from reputable suppliers providing precedence to quality and competitive pricing.

  Country of Operation: Malawi
  Year Established: 2002
  Primary Business: Manufacture & suppliers of Brick force and Wire Nails.
  Primary Business: Construction Industry, Private Manufacturing
  Target Market: Companies, Tea & Coffee Estates, NGO’s Government and Hardware Whole Sellers
  Primary Business Activity: Direct importer of Raw materials and manufacture of Brick force wire nails & iron sheets
  Number of Employees: 40



Increase sales and Market Share by establishing good customer relationship and customer loyalty. This is to be achieved by supplying high quality products at Competitive Prices.


  Focus on supplying high quality products
  Increase Company Sales by establishing more sales centers
  Venture into new markets
  Increase client base by 20% every year
  Increase inventory turnover by 5